You know us by the companies we keep… 
You benefit from our connections and the solutions we have at our fingertips

Our grasps are strong, yet our touch is gentle. Lawe Insurance Brokers is ready to carry the responsibility of protecting your world in our hands. 

Our grasp is strong. When we created this company we wanted to make sure our clients would enjoy the convenience of a one-stop service experience.  That’s why we choose only the best candidates with years of knowledge and experience in a wide range of insurance fields.  We offer Lloyd’s U.S International Health, life, employee benefits and financings. You can feel confident that we fully understand the intricacies of each. 

Our touch is gentle. When you hire someone to insure you, you need to feel assured they’ll keep your best interest in mind, at all times. When you sign with Lawe Insurance Brokers, you are giving us the responsibility of protecting the most sensitive and vital areas of your life, and we take our role very seriously. We will continually strive to surpass your expectations in all areas of service to create a service experience beyond compare.



In order to effectively deliver this service, the company has been segmented into three distinct divisions.  This allows our sales and service advisors to specialize in their area of expertise in order to ensure uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction.  

The Three Divisions Are: 

•          International Health

•          Life Insurance

•          Employee Benefits