Lawe Insurance Brokers Ltd

International Health Insurance 

This product which provides access to medical care worldwide, allows payment for medical expenses of up to US$1M per year. 

The insurer is Lloyd’s of London which has a 300+ year history guaranteeing clients the peace of mind of knowing their medical expenses will be paid when disaster strikes. 

Clients also have the solace of knowing that this product is the only such policy approved by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). 

Approval of products means that the FSC (the watchdog agency for such transactions) provides clients with that extra measure of protection by having thoroughly researched the financial affairs of the offering company as well as the product itself.  read more...




Life Insurance

Based on the company’s own independent study, there is a strong need for professional guidance in structuring and implementing a well balanced life insurance portfolio. 

This is especially so in more complex estate planning and liquidity solutions which are required for business needs.

Lawe Insurance Brokers has trained and experienced professionals to answer any life insurance problems.  read more...




 Lawe Insurance Brokers Ltd


Employee Benefits


This comprises of health insurance, group life and pension. These are offered to virtually all companies who are able to afford them because modern business has long accepted that protecting their human capital is to protect their most valuable resource.

Our package of services would therefore not be complete without employee benefits.  read more...