At Lawe Insurance Brokers our main focus is to provide protection and financial stability for you and your loved ones. 

Life Insurance not only guarantees the payment of a stated amount of money on the death of an insured, but can also be used as a means of savings in the long run if you purchase a plan which offers an opportunity to invest, while cash fund built up on your policy can be handy collateral for stop gap or emergency loans. You benefit from the expertise of our knowledgeable insurance advisors who will guide you into selecting the right solutions so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

Contact us and we will ensure that your valuable needs are secured:  

  • Provide security for your family

  • Protect your home mortgage

  • Provide collateral for financial purposes 

  • Take care of your estate planning needs

  • Look at other retirement savings/income vehicles

  • Provide Disability Income - replacing your salary if you are totally and partially disabled.

  • Provide Critical Illness Fund for major illnesses.

  • Provide pension solutions which will assure you of a pension when you are no longer in a position to work.

  • Provide education fund to help provide a good education for your children


Learn more TODAY! Call one of our caring insurance advisors and make a wise choice!

Do You Really Need Life Insurance?
If there is someone who would suffer economic hardship or deterioration in lifestyle if you died, then the answer is yes... you do need life insurance!  Families with young children have a clear need for life insurance. If the loss of one income will cause the family immediate economic hardship, and make it harder to realize future goals, such as paying for the children's' education, then speak with one of our experts and they will guide you into making wise choices.

If you, the breadwinner of your family, should pass away immediately, then you may need life insurance to protect your surviving family members against the costs associated with your death - funeral expenses, probate and administrative fees, outstanding debts, special obligations etc.

Do you have sufficient financial resources in place? 

Lack of sufficient life insurance coverage when a loved one dies can have devastating consequences for a family...consequences that can last for years.

Speak with one of our experts today and review your life insurance program.


Important needs covered through life insurance: 

  • Keyman

  • Buy-Sell Agreements funded by life insurance

  • Estate Planning

  • Retirement Planning 

Speak with one of our insurance professionals who will be able to better advise you on the benefits of life insurance.


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